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"These things I have spoken to you, that you may be kept from stumbling." John 16:1 . . . "many will fall away and the love of most will grow cold" . . . Matthew 24 . . . Why??? did they fail to heed Jesus' warnings?

a message of glory and victory for the overcoming Church, a cross-centered look at end-time events as Jesus taught them to His disciples. 2 minute summary intro

Many of you have clicked on this site due to your renewed interest in the "end-times" following the WTC disaster. Remember, Jesus is our teacher and the only true authority. Not a one of us knows anything unless He reveals it to us through quickening of the Scriptures by the Holy Spirit. Jesus outlined the sequence and timing of end-time events primarily in two places: Matthew Chapter 24 and in Revelation Chapters 6 through 19. In terms of where we are in the sequence of end-times events, it appears we are in the beginning birth pains as described in Matthew 24:8. We have not yet entered the advanced birth pains of the intense persecution of the Great Tribulation described in Matthew 24:15, which I believe corresponds to the persecution described by the fourth seal of Revelation 6. This, following Jesus' reference to Daniel in Matthew 24:15, begins at three and one-half years before the end of the age. Notice that the persecution described by the fourth seal of Revelation 6 involves the potential death of one-fourth of the world's population. We are not there yet (September 2001), but we are daily drawing closer. Nor do I think that we have yet experienced even the first seal, which I believe stands for the emergence of an individual antichrist on the scene of world events. But we are in a build-up in intensity leading to that event.

Notice that all of the events of Jesus' warnings of Matthew 24:4-12 are increasing in frequency and intensity, just as normal birth pains increase in frequency and intensity. The antichrist agenda is being promulgated by the nations of the world. For instance, the United States, among others, is pressing Israel to give land for peace. (We think we are on the side of Israel, but how can we be on the side of God when we are insisting that Israel give away her covenant land? We may think we are on the side of the temporary secular state, but are we on the side of God's plan for His chosen remnant? Might this even be a reason for judgment on our nation? Have we touched the apple of His eye by pressuring Israel to abandon their settlements and trade land for peace? It is God's land to give, and He has given it in eternal covenant to Israel.)

The birth pains described by Jesus in Matthew 24:8 will increase in frequency and intensity until the birth takes place. Who or what is being birthed? The birth is the Sons of God for which all groaning creation awaits. You can see this reflected in the birth of the manchild in Revelation 12 and the emergence of the saints in Revelation 7:14 from Great Tribulation having washed their robes and made them white in the Blood of the Lamb. Intense persecution has been the fiery crucible of purification. For those of you who are not Christians (and perhaps some who are), this must seem like raving lunacy. To you I can only say, seek to personally know Jesus, Who is truth. The WTC disaster was a birthpain. WW2 was a birthpain. Vietnam was a birthpain. Please reflect on Amos 3:6, "If a calamity occurs in a city has not the LORD done it?" Amos 3:6 will not allow us to disassociate this tragedy from the hand of God. We cannot say that because God is loving and merciful, He would have not let this happen. That is not true to the nature of God and His word. Job's story is listed in the book of James as a testimony to God's mercy. Yet when Job was sitting in the ashes scraping his sores with a broken piece of pottery (having lost all of his children in another building that collapsed), would we have been quick to say God could not have done it because He is loving and merciful? Let's not in our fleshly wisdom presume to know what God will or will not do in the restoration of His creation. Let's not come before God in counsel without wisdom as did Job's three friends. God has elected to turn His fallen creation over to futility, and the recovery of creation from that futility is a process Jesus likened to birthpains. The message to each of us in this is to SEEK GOD. In that seeking, He will guide us and tell us what we need to know. His judgments up even to the last bowl are redemptive in nature. He is asking people to repent. He does not want to throw us into hell. But we must make a decision. Multitudes are finding themselves in the valley of decision. Choose life. Choose repentance at the foot of the Cross of Jesus Christ. And in all things praise Him, for He knows the beginning from the end --- and we do not. Place your vision on eternal things, and do not be stumbled by interim birthpains. The birthing may involve pain, but who would not want to go through it in light of the result?

Disasters we might otherwise think are God's wrath are His judgments designed to bring us to Him, that we might come to know Him and be saved. We have not yet seen His wrath. When we do, it will make all that has come before --- including the events of September 11 --- look miniscule. But for now, we are under His increasing judgment. However, these judgments are redemptive in nature. The Bible says that when God pours out His judgments, the people learn righteousness. May it be so. The Bible also indicates that there is a suffering for righteousness sake and a suffering because of sin. What of this are we to know in the lives of those who perished? Only God knows. The Bible says God only disciplines those He loves. And suffering is redemptive in God's plan to restore His creation (Because ALL creation is groaning in the pains of childbirth). Ultimately, whether this is a suffering for sin or for righteousness sake, it is a discipline or judgment designed to draw us who are left alive to repentance and conformance to the likeness of His Son because He loves us. Remember that Job was a righteous man, but God still allowed Satan to collapse the house on all of his children. God will use Satan to discipline His children. Remember Peter. In fact, as we dig deeper into this, we will see that assault by Satan against God's saints is the very process God uses to defeat Satan. The saints will overcome Satan by responding to his assaults in the wisdom of the cross. In this manner, good will overcome evil. May God have mercy and compassion for those in pain due to the loss of loved ones in this tragedy. May God have mercy and forgiveness for all who perished. May He grant each of us left the gift of repentance that we might be saved. And in the response of the Church to the assaults of Satan --- allowed by the hand of God --- may God be glorified in that His Church responds in the wisdom of the Cross of Jesus Christ.

Chapter 9 of the book on this site further discusses the sequence and timing of end-time events. There are other chapters which discuss such topics as the redemptiveness of suffering and the ultimate destiny to which God is calling His Church. It is a glorious and victorious destiny. In the interim, we have birthpains to endure through. Jesus called His saints to endure to the harvest at the end of the age. He did not mention the early rapture which is so popularly being taught these days. Are we seekers of truth . . . or would we rather have our ears tickled with doctrines that feed the flesh but starve the spirit?

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The nature of the race the Church is called to run and finish at the end of this age involves evangelization of the entire world, the ultimate defeat of Satan (by the Blood of the Lamb, the word of our testimony, and by loving not our lives unto death), the glorification of God by allowing the demonstration of His wisdom of the Cross to the powers and authorities in heavenly places, and in the process to be transformed into the spotless Bride of Christ. The books of Revelation and Daniel clearly indicate that the final decisive lap of this race will be run during the last three and one-half years of this age. How can we, the Church, rise to this call if we are not here? How can we endure to achieve this destiny if we do not have vision of that destiny, and if we are being taught that the next event on the end-times calendar is the rapture of the Church?? We cannot. Without vision, we will perish. Perhaps that is why Jesus said that many will fall away and the love of most will grow cold. Church, wake up!! We need to start listening to the greater end-times teacher: Jesus. Throw out your man-pleasing humanistic doctrines and listen to what the Son of God has to say about the role of His Church at the end of this age!

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This site is for the purpose of Restoring the Vision of the Church at the end of this age, a vision which has been stolen by satan. It is in the form of an on-line book which outlines what I have sensed the Holy Spirit is revealing concerning the walk of the last-days Church, particularly during the last three and one-half years of this age, which we will see astonishingly parallels Jesus' public ministry of three and one-half years. The timing and sequence of end-time events and the identification of key groups are also explored in context with the vision, although these details are of lesser importance than the vision itself and are only included to support the vision (although they can be very intriguing in themselves). A.W.Tozer said it best when he said that the whole purpose of Bible prophecy is to prepare us morally and spiritually for the time to come.

Basically the vision is that the Church is called to walk at the end of this age as Jesus walked during His three and one-half years of public ministry in order to fulfill God's eternal plan in Christ Jesus as outlined by Ephesians 3:8-12: that God created ALL THINGS in order to demonstrate His wisdom through the Church to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places. The Church will experience increasing tribulation at the end of the age (which she must understand is not God's wrath) to the extent necessary to purify her and prepare her as a bride without spot or wrinkle. This is not a message of gloom and doom but of glorious expectation. Jesus describes the events of the end of the age as "birthpains", and Scripture indicates that the birthing of the Sons of God in the likeness of Jesus is the birthing in view. Even as the birth of a baby is a joyous event, so will the birthing of the Sons of God be a glorious and joyous event, following birthpains, which all creation awaits.

The Bible says that without vision, people perish. We need to understand and embrace the vision of Jesus for His Church at the end of the age so that we do not perish, for Jesus warned that many will fall away during these times and the love of most will grow cold. Will it be because they fail to understand what is happening? Many will confuse these times as God's wrath, when in fact these will be times of birthpains designed to birth us as the children of God. God's wrath will indeed come, but we are not appointed to wrath. We are, however, appointed to tribulation for these will be the crucible fires that refine us into the likeness of Jesus and make us worthy of the Kingdom of God. Therefore, we must embrace these times rather than seek escape from them. It is the hand of Jesus that will lead us through the mine field of what lies ahead, and we must put our trust in Him by following in His footsteps, stepping neither to the left or right. May God bless us and give us grace as we seek to understand these things.

Part 1: Restoring The Vision Restaurando la Visión

Part 2: Timing and Sequence of Key Events

Part 3: Identification of Key Groups

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