Restoring True Apostolic Vision



     The time has come to sound a trumpet over this land to tear down and to build up.  I pray to tear down that portion of the current apostolic vision which has at its center the things of men rather than the things of God, and consequently sees a different finish line to this Christian race than the one described in the Bible.   I pray to tear down all of our seemingly finest evangelistic, musical, and other religious efforts which have as their foundation the talents and zeal and agendas of men but have done away with the cross in which we must only glory.   I pray destruction of these things that the true might be raised up out of their ashes.


    I pray for saints of true apostolic vision to be raised up.  These saints will have as their vision the things of God rather than the things of men.  These saints will glory in nothing save in the cross of Jesus Christ, for they will know that the cross of Christ is the wisdom and power of God, and that to remove the centrality of the cross from our vision is the agenda of the antichrist.  The time has come to call forth those who will be the true leaders in our final battle.  Where are they?  Come forth you hidden ones.  The time to stand up is at hand.  Come forth you true remnant of the Body of Christ! Come forth you broken and rejected ones who have been discarded on the trash heap of modern Christendom.  Come forth and take your place as the true men and women of God that you are called to be.


     The two witnesses in Revelation Chapter 11 do not overhaul the judicial, financial, education, and political systems of this world.  They preach the true gospel in the midst of a wicked Babylonian system, and consequently they are killed and their bodies thrown into the streets for the system to gloat over.  That is the fullness of true apostolic vision, because it has at its center the demonstration of the cross of Jesus Christ that God is going to bring forth at the end of this age.  Unless a man lay down his life, no further multiplication of life comes forth.  God’s redemptive plan for His church at the end of this age is not that she rescue the systems of this world by overhauling them, but that she die for those held captive in them so that they might be released that the harvest might be greater.  For when a seed falls to the ground, many come forth. 


     The book of Daniel says the saints will be victorious and receive the kingdom forever.  But the book of Daniel goes on to say the path to this victory will be the pathway of the cross, whereupon the saints will be warred against, worn down, and crushed.   The end of the age will come when the power of the holy people has been shattered.  Then and only then will Jesus return. 


    Our vision is to follow Jesus.  And He is leading those who follow Him to the destiny described in the Bible.  Even as the religious structure of Jesus’ time expected Him to overhaul their worldly systems, so the religious structure of today expects the same of the end-time church.  But the true end-time church will once again come as a suffering servant to lay down her life, because the life of Christ flows in and through her and she will march to no other drummer.  And then, when her robes have been fully whitened and prepared as that befitting a bride, her bridegroom will return.  And then the systems of this world will be overhauled.  And then the lion will lie down with the lamb.  But not before.


    The true church of Jesus Christ will conquer by the Blood of the Lamb, the word of her testimony, and by loving not her life unto death.  There is no other pathway to victory.  I pray that we lay down our political agendas and pick up our crosses and follow Jesus. I pray against all forms of ecumenical unity which are man’s agenda and are not the unity in the Holy Spirit that Jesus meant.  I pray that we restore that vision which embraces the centrality of the cross and glories in nothing save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I pray to call forth the true disciples of Christ to stand together in unity in this march to victory.  And I pray that we might have strength to stand in unity and defeat the false religious system which has done away with the cross and glories in all things other than the cross of Jesus Christ.  Will you stand with me?  Will you die for those trapped in this system that they might be set free?  Will you offer yourself as living sacrifices in God’s redemptive plan to restore His creation by demonstration of the wisdom and power of the cross through His church?  Be encouraged and rallied, saints of the Lord. 


Vern Kuenzi   

reset September 25, 2002