Recommended Teaching Sites

The inspired writings of Arthur Katz. His books are now on-line. His latest work is "The Holocaust --- Where was God?" This is a work of insight not just into the holocaust but more importantly into the very heart of God. There is no more timely and pertinent explanation of what is happening in the streets of Jerusalem today than this treatment of the subject. Read this book. It will radically change your concept of the "kindness and severity" of our God.

For 35 years Nate and Joanne Krupp have been calling the Church to return to the Radical Christianity of the New Testament. Their ministry has taken them to every continent and resulted in the writing of numerous study books and booklets. They are a resource for the Body of Christ. This web page will introduce you to their ministry and writings.

An on-line book by Benjamin Baruch

Anabaptist teachings which cut to the quick of the question of holiness.
Highly recommended. This material will challenge you.

Welcome to the Heart4God Website!

The inspired writings of Brother Joseph Herrin.
This is among the best material on the internet.


The inspired writings of Brother Chip Brogden