Greetings saints. This is us in July 2001

Vern and Celia

I was born in Silverton, Oregon, April 21, 1946. When I was six, the family moved to the little town of Woods which is on the coast near Pacific City, about twenty-five miles south of Tillamook, which is noted for its cheese. I graduated from Cloverdale Grade School, then from Nestucca Union High School, and then in 1968 from Oregon State University (the Beavers) with a degree in mechanical engineering. I moved to Hawaii where I worked as an engineer until March 1996 at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.

My work occasionally took me overseas and in 1976 in the Philippines, I who would never marry, met and promptly married Cecilia Cantero Alfonso and we have stayed married, by the obvious grace of God, until this very day. We currently live in Pearl City, Oahu, Hawaii. We have no children. Celia has a grown son in the Philippines.

The Lord interrupted my selfish life, devoted primarily to windsurfing, in March 1991 and began uprooting things and replanting from then on, all for the best. I guess He designed me to have a passion for the end-times and I was quickly led to material by Arthur Katz of Ben Israel Ministries, Rick Joyner of MorningStar ministries, and through them, others. My conversion was not realized in a church setting but in the privacy of my bedroom. And much of what followed in the form of training by the Holy Spirit took place there. I thank Him that I was not brought up in a traditional religious setting, potentially devoid of the things that I now consider invaluable. I began sensing things about the church and the end-times that were not consistent with the prophecy books I devoured. Something didn't click. Over the last seven years, the Lord, sometimes very clearly and sometimes less obviously, has given me little seeds of revelation concerning the walk of the church at the end of the age. In 1997 I decided to try to generate a book from the less formal articles I had written up to that time.

What happens from here on concerning the book or any ministry that may result from it is known only to the Lord. The desire of my heart is that I can share this message with the body of Christ at the end of the age, and that sharing would be fruitful. I believe I either will see Jesus returning in the clouds or be martyred as a result of teaching this message. God bless all of you, my brothers and sisters. May He come quickly and transform all of us and this place we live in.